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  The Montgomery Compass Series books are ordered as textbooks by colleges, universities, and seminaries throughout North America. Compass books are also ordered by churches for use in Christian formation and discipleship classes, as well as care-giving ministries.

Textbook orders can be placed either through or, both of whom offer pricing discounts. is a worldwide distributor of Compass books and accepts purchase orders from college, university, and church bookstores. Click here for online instructions. Lulu Press contact information: (phone) 919-459-5858; (fax) 919-459-5867; (mail) 3101 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC, 27607.

If you are a professor who has selected a Compass book for course adoption, Dr. Montgomery invites you to email him a request for a desk copy ( Please include your mailing address, and he will gladly arrange for a complimentary book to be shipped to you. This offer extends to pastors who adopt Compass Series books for small group ministries or adult education classes.

  To order any of the Compass Series Books click: COMPASS SERIES.

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