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Compass Therapy Supervision

Rev. Dr. Dan Montgomery.jpg


If you are a therapist, pastor, or pastoral counselor, Dr. Montgomery can supervise the integration of Compass Therapy—principles, visual models, and action techniques—into your clinical private practice or ministry of pastoral care and counseling.

The Compass Therapy approach to clinical and pastoral counseling is acclaimed by professors teaching at Yale Divinity School, Princeton Seminary, Stanford University School of Medicine, University of Notre Dame, Loyola University, Fuller Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Andover Newton Theological School, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, and Garrett-Evangelical Seminary.

In supervisory consultation with Dr. Montgomery, you will benefit from his 30,000 hours of experience as a licensed Psychologist and licensed Marriage & Family Therapist—as well as drawing upon a wealth of therapeutic knowledge gleaned from his work in training Masters and Doctoral students at Pepperdine University and the University of New Mexico.



As a licensed therapist or pastoral counselor, you with meet with Dr. Montgomery by phone to discuss challenging cases, learn how to avoid burnout, and discover how to make counseling emotionally fulfilling for you and productive for the client.

He will show you how to work successfully with persons who are stuck in personality disorders (narcissistic, compulsive, paranoid, antisocial, dependent, histrionic, avoidant, and schizoid behavior patterns). For more on this, see Compass Therapy: Christian Psychology in Action.

Dr. Dan will also show you how to immediately begin implementing some of the 25 action techniques he writes about in Christian Counseling That Really Works.



If you are a pastor, you can meet with Dr. Montgomery by phone to discuss how to handle troublesome congregants or stressful church situations.

Having worked in numerous church settings for thirty-five years, Dr. Dan provides expert help in resolving conflicts, knowing when a referral to a mental health professional is indicated, and integrating orthodox theology with a redemptive psychology for healing personality and relationships.



Whether you are a veteran or newcomer, the goal is to increase your mastery of counseling and enjoyment of this care-giving vocation.

To discuss your particular needs and set up a first working session, call Dr. Dan at 512-518-5340.