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  In response to requests for their personal take on the Self Compass, Dr. Dan and Kate Montgomery invite viewers into their home, where they role-play and explore how the Self Compass functions in personality and relationships.

Using the familiar Self Compass diagram, the Montgomerys show how persons can transform the Pleaser, Arguer, Worrier, and Controller personality patterns into Christlike health and wholeness.

The SELF COMPASS TEACHING DVD provides a priceless teaching resource for college professors, workshop leaders, church classes, pastoral ministries, or book-study groups studying the Self Compass, Compass Therapy, or Compass Psychotheology.

This DVD is recommended to accompany the Montgomery book, The Self Compass: Charting Your Personality in Christ.

The Self Compass model of personality and relationships is acclaimed by professors teaching at Yale Divinity School, Princeton Seminary, Stanford University School of Medicine, University of Notre Dame, Fuller Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, and Garrett-Evangelical Seminary.

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